pact snack bites

Flavor, meet function.
Nutritionist-designed and chef-composed, Pact™ Snack Bites are fun functional food made delicious with 10+ wholesome and real food ingredients.

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to functional nutrition

Full of good for the whole you. Pact™ Snack Bites provide targeted nutrients for what you crave throughout the day.

tea leaves

10+ wholesome ingredients

heart health

Targeted nutrients


Made fresh without preservatives


Cocoa and collagen. Cranberry and kombucha. Blueberry and matcha. Thoughtfully selected combinations for taste and function without compromise. Flavor, meet function.

Simple ingredients.
Nothing artificial.

Made with 10+ wholesome ingredients including whole fruits, nuts, seeds and spices. Made fresh without preservatives.

Find in the refrigerated aisle

Pact™ Snack Bites are best stored in the fridge for freshness but designed to take on-the-go for up to a week.